studiostudio,elisa palazzo,bruno pelucca,architecture,urbanism,public space design,landscape design,architetti,urbanisti,young italian architects,europan architecture is the discipline mostly interfering with our every- day life. over 80% of our built environment is residential, the rest has to deal with work, travel, entertainment. therefore we believe necessary to question the influence of architectural discourses on built environment and to put about physical space construction processes to a larger base. in that sense architecture has a fundamental role as important instrument of awareness diffusion through its communicative strength and its contribution to collective imaginary. moreover, strategic importance of architecture relies in its capability to condense social, economical, cultural, technical and geographical data and to put them in to a common layer of communication. the possibility of using the different co-incidences of present-day reality suggest to implement concepts and processes rather than forms and functions. the aim is looking for site qualities with minimal interventions and using environmental inter- ference as imponderable data programme. against over-design and accepting the challenge of using low-tech, we think possible to contribute reconciling builtscapes with environment.